Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Becca and Porter

Many years ago I went to Chris Porter at Alley Cat Tattoo to get a tattoo of the Venus of Willendorf.  It was my third tattoo.  Porter offered to do some repair work on an earlier tattoo that I had had done of Yoda and thus, our friendship began.  I would go in for tattoos and learn about art and give Porter a history lesson at the same time. 

Porter always talks about how much he respects me as a teacher and over time he has helped me grow as a photographer.  We talk art, we have gone out and taken photos together.  He wrote a wonderful letter for me for a grant a few years ago in which he said that, "Cara took to photography the way a fat kid takes to a greasy cheeseburger."  I got the grant.  Porter has been a great cheerleader for me in my photography and I am proud to call him my friend.  I have introduced him to some of my friends who have gone on to become friends and clients.  Heck, so many people stop me and ask about my ink that I carry around his business cards. 

I was honored to shoot Becca and Porter's engagement photos and even more so to shoot their wedding.  Despite the rain, it was obvious that these two people love not only each other, but their friends and family.  It was a wonderful day.