Sunday, February 19, 2017

Lip Sync Burlesque: Love is a Lip Sync Battlefield

I love, love, love working with the Harrisonburg Harlots.  The Harrisonburg Harlots are the local burlesque troupe here in Harrisonburg, VA. They are a great bunch of ladies who are always a blast to hang out with and are beautiful subjects to photograph.

About a week ago, I got an opportunity to photograph these lovely ladies again.  Instead of a straight burlesque show, it was also a lip sync battle, which added to the fun.  Performers featured in the show:

Beth Palms, also sometimes known as Napalm Beth

Franki Boom Boom of Grave Dancers Burlesque
Sindi Ray Boustier who also is the producer of the show through Skullhand Productions
Rayna Demae Gogh
Tsura Luna 
Polaris Van Samus

The show was hosted by the lovely and talented Ellie Quinn